We constantly strive to be the best we can on all of our courses, here we have collated testimonials from recent courses to evidence this.

Infection Control - The course was very interesting and always motivating.

Bridgett Needham, Lougher Homecare

PBM - I loved the practical participation, really enjoyed the course!

Karen Lloyd, Castle Care

Infection Control - Very thought provoking, my hands weren't as clean as I thought they were after I washed them! Excellent presentation

Emma Brady, Lougher Honmecare

Managing Mental Health in Dementia - The course was Brill! I learned new skills to manage someone with Mental Health in Dementia.

Yasmin Robbins, Lougher Homecare

Manual Handling of Inanimate Loads - Having a good trainer that explained everything to a good standard.

Craig Pontin, NSF International

Manual Handling of People - Craig is a fab trainer, makes the course fun also you learn new things every time!

Natalie Dodd, Lougher Homecare

The course in my opinion was Perfect!. Everything was positive and interesting.

Patsy Reed, Andover Nursing Services

PBM - A very well guided delivery by the trainer. Good disposition and delivery of PBM training. I enjoyed working as part of a team/group in activities!

Shannon Oldfield, Andover Nursing Services

Administration of Medication - I enjoyed all of the course. Trainer really knew his stuff! Craig made the day with his humour, course was really interesting!

Melanie Vincent, Lougher Homecare