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Top Tips for Moving and Handling People Safely

Top Tips for Moving and Handling People Safely

Top Tips for Moving and Handling People Safely

Did you know musculoskeletal problems has been the second most common reason for sickness absence for most of the last decade? (Office of National Statistics).
Almost all jobs involve some form of manual handling so it is really important that staff are trained how to move and handle objects safely and effectively.

When it comes to manual handling of people, it becomes more complex, usually with several people to consider and keep safe. There may be several people doing the moving and handling and you must also ensure the safety of the person being moved.
We have put together our top tips for moving and handling people...

Tips for Moving and Handling People

1) Allow the person being moved to do as much of the moving / positioning as they are physically able to do themselves.

2) Carry out a risk assessment! Having an up-to-date risk assessment in place before moving and handling someone is essential.

3) Consider what equipment could be used to lessen the strain of moving the person e.g. hoist / slide sheets / lifting cushion.

4) Ensure you / your staff have received the appropriate training on any Manual Handling equipment provided.

5) USE the equipment provided (if trained to use it). The equipment is there to help keep you and the person your moving safe, use it!

6) Involve the person being moved. Keep them informed of what you are going to do, ask for their feedback and ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

7) Ensure any manual handling equipment is regularly checked.

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