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Top tips to creating a little FIRE into training where people have FUN and LEARN!

Top tips to creating a little FIRE into training where people have FUN and LEARN! Too many times over the years we have heard people moaning about having to attend a training course. It is boring! I do not learn anything new! How is this even relevant to me?! On our courses, 9 times out of 10, it is the people who at the beginning did not want to be there, that come to life during the course, engage and have fun! We get some of the best feedback from people who started off not wanting to be on the course. Why is this? Because we blow their expectations out of the water! They have an idea in their head of what training courses are like, based on poor or mediocre previous experiences - well we do not do poor and we are definitely not mediocre! Training should always be enjoyable, and you should always learn something new. Here are our criteria to add a little FIRE to your training courses and ensure everyone leaves the session with a smile on their face and armed with new information relevant to their workplace! Fun - attending a course is a little break from the…

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My staff find training boring! Are they actually gaining the knowledge they need?

Do your staff find training boring and you're not sure if they are actually gaining any knowledge / skills from it? Perhaps they have completed the same training annually for the last 10 - 20 years and feel they know everything already? It can be difficult when staff have completed regular training on the same subjects, year after year and perhaps they are not the type of person to usually enjoy attending training courses. If your team are finding training sessions boring, they are more likely to switch off and not take in important information and updates. This could lead to incorrect or outdated care procedures being carried out, de-motivated staff, unhappy clients and could impact on your company's reputation. In this blog we will share some tips as to what you as an employer can put in place to ensure your staff enjoy and look forward to training sessions and how you can confirm learning. 1) Timing - Firstly, one of the most important things we have found is ensuring you schedule the training sessions at a time that will suit your team. Having to attend a training session after completing a work shift is not the best way to ensure your…

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